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A website is a vital part of the marketing package for any business in this digital age. But it mustn't be seen as the only part. Your website has to be part of an overall marketing strategy that is carefully planned and implemented. Every business is different, with different needs and different approaches to marketing, but the fundamentals are the same. We are here to advise you on the best approach for your business.

Digital marketing is more than just a website. We look to see if there are ways of you providing additional services to your customers. You may have data of interest to your customers; you may be able to provide services. It's the Internet that allows you to build a closer relationship with your customers. Look at the examples we give to show how our clients have built stronger relationship with their customers. The buzz today is about 'the Cloud'; we look to see that you get the best from the Cloud.

We offer you a free survey of your business and website to see where we can help you with your digital design needs.

If you currently have a website that is just not being successfully utilised then we can help you develop the website to meet your business needs.

We are here to listen to what you want from your website and create an efficient solution that works for you.

We help our clients translate their business strategy into action.

We help our clients make insightful decisions.

We help our clients implement and sustain our recommendations.

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Live Data to your website

  • website design for wind turbine supplier
  • digital marketing for wind turbine supplier

Aeolus Power (Wind Energy) Ltd are specialist suppliers and installers of small wind turbines, under 100kW. We developed their current website. In addition, they asked us to create a wind turbine monitoring system that linked to their site. The system we created feeds live data (including wind speed and electricity produced) from individual turbines, using a small computer system and cloud-based storage, to provide individual pages where customers log in and can view the information on their own turbine.

This unique system has enhanced Aeolus Power's relationship with their customers. It has led to a closer after sales relationship, helped with the maintenance of the turbines and ultimately led to increased sales of turbines. Aeolus's customers admire the fact that they have used technology in such an innovative way and given them something extra.

In addition, we provide some public pages as part of the marketing plan. One page shows a typical turbine in Cornwall, providing all the live data. This is perfect for prospective purchasers, who can directly see the capabilty of the tubine they are considering. For trade shows, we provide maps of the UK, showing installed turbines and highlighting the key parameters, such as the total energy generated. This is perfect for promoting Aeolus Power, because it shows the extent of their business, their professionalism and backs up their sales and marketing.

Client: Aeolus Power (Wind Energy) Ltd        Date: 01/09/2010

Using your Business Data

  • main website image for antique clock dealer
  • example clock page from CarterWright
  • trade show for CarterWright

Carter Wright are dealers of antique clocks specialising in 17th century English clocks. We developed their current website which uses an online database of their product, prices and current stock. The database is easily updatable and incorporates many stunning images of the clocks. The website is key to their business as all the information and images on each clock is in one place. The data for the clocks includes the full known history, and all of this data is used to produce the sumptuous paper catalogues.

For a recent trade fair we developed a system where by they could use their database on a large screen driven by an iPad to show potential customers their entire stock availability. This enabled them to have the latest, up to date information on their stock holding, at their fingertips.

Client: Carter Wright       Date: 01/05/2012

Enhancing service to your customers

  • example graph of recorded data stored on web server
  • instruments used to measure sound

This is another example of a successful business providing an enhanced service for their clients. This client imports a complex device to record and measure sound. They recruited us to develop a web based system, to allow remote control and data gathering from their instruments. We identified and provided a small computer system which writes data to cloud-based storage. The owners of the instruments can then log in to web pages which provide detailed analysis of the stored data, both in real time and historically. The result is a system that can be controlled remotely; data can be retrieved from any instrument; live recordings can be made and streamed over the Internet.

Client: Project currently active       Date: 01/08/2012

Our Services

Our Services

We listen to our clients

digital marketing

Web Design

We can 'health check' your current site and advise you on how it can work better for you and your business. We can take a fresh look and offer you tips and hints to improve your current site, alternatively we can create a new site specifically for your needs. Your input is vital as you know your customers. We can advise on the best way to move up and onwards from where you currently are in the marketplace.

Web Development

We can add a new dimension to your website, whether it be developing your business data making it more accessible to your clients or using your business data and website across different formats i.e. iPad, iPhone, iCloud. We can increase your business presence using social media and use your business data digitally to enhance your relationship with your customers.

brand and identity

Brand Creation

Whether it be creating a new brand for your business or working within your current brand guidelines we can assist you in ensuring that your brand stands out in the market place. Our team is here to help, whatever your needs.

Brand Identity

Our team of experts can develop a full marketing strategy from new logo, a unique marketing plan for your business and a new website to ensure an entire brand identity for your business.

technical services


If you would like to share your technical information with your customers, such as feeding live data to your website or linking your business databases to your site, we can design a system that works for you.

iPhone, iPad, iCloud

Are your using your Apple devices to their full capacity? Do you know all the tricks and tips that will make your life SO much easier! We can offer you training and advice to utilise your devices.

The Process.

ideas stage


We listen to your ideas and bring your vision to digital life. If you are stuck for ideas for your website just give us a call and let us help.

design stage


Our team can design a new website and marketing strategy that works for you and your customers.

development stage


We can redevelop your current site and take it to the next level. By utilising your business data we can enhance your relationship with your customers.

and finally, support


We are on hand through out the launch of your new website and can offer ongoing technical support, domain hosting and email services for your business.

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